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Studio Bas Sala is one of the initiators of the Hefpark project. After taking into consideration the local needs and opportunities that were addressed along with other societal and environmental criteria, modern furniture were designed for the entire park. The project is after all a community-centered one and following the principles of a public participatory approach it included the residents' perspective both at the phase of development and implementation. Local opinion matters, both from the citizens' and the professionals' viewpoint. The design consists of both a physical and programmatic component, in the form of activities. The square, the seating areas, the paths and BMX dirt tracks were finished in the spring 2014. In the following years, the design will be enriched with new elements and the programming will adjust to the local needs of the neighborhood and the public's interests. The emphasis is on the process and inclusiveness, while the local citizens will collaborate with a mixed group of professionals from the local area. The core aspect of the project is the citizen-driven initiative to take part in that community project and contribute through on-going processes.

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