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Studio Bas Sala presents Cloud City:

An interactive 3d printed model about smart cities.


Welcome to the future!

A smart city based on AI systems collects data about a city’s infrastructure and its people. The goal is to improve city functions, efficiency and city life.


In a smart city all the data comes together and is processed in one place represented by the data center in the model. 

Using machine learning, findings and solutions are formulated intending to optimize the city. But according to which ideal? In the model we present the relationship between four themes: smart systems, smart mobility, smart surveillance and smart environment. 


Watch the movie to get an impression of the model.


Studio Bas Sala developed the model from scratch - from the first concept to the production of the model.


The model is part of the Artificial Intelligence exhibition at the DASA Dortmund, Germany. The exhibition is on display until 9-8-22. 


The exhibition will be traveling Europe the coming years and will be showcased in Technisches Museum Wien (Austria), Tekniska museet Stockholm (Sweden) and the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada (Spain).


For 3d printing we use Prusa Research printers,  RaiseCloud platform and Octopi by Gina Häußge.


For more info about the exhibition:


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