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The Yellow Building

A building where you can co-create and inspire each other.

Studio Bas Sala is one of the five parties who initiated the redevelopment of the Yellow building, located in the ZoHo area in Rotterdam. Together with Stipo, SPIN city developers, Van Schagen architects, KCR and the owner, we co-developed a concept for this former office building. Step by step, we and our fellow tenants transform the building into an ideal surrounding and working environment for co-creation. with the goal to create a place that has a strong sense of communication and collaboration.


Moreover, we seek to form a community in which the tenants have a shared passion for Rotterdam as a city but also for the 'city' in general as a phenomenon, creating a new section of city planning initiatives and bringing experts altogether. Gathering related expertises in the building promotes collaborative learning and inspiring each other in a network of shared knowledge.


Besides the interior renovation of the Yellow Building, key elements of this self-organized process is also the ability to sustain the building with the right programming, management and investment planning.


Apart from concept-development, Studio Bas Sala is also designing the workshops and offices on the first floor, the communal space (Tussentijdruimte) and the roof terrace. The building does function as a creative incubator environment so young talent has the potential to grow. There is available space for young designers to rent in the building on different floors, enjoying the experience and benefits of working with like-minded talented people in the same space.


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