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Picknickboulevard Wielwijk
​'Picnickboulevard' objective is to encourage social interaction and public gathering by creating new meeting places in the park. The design consists of five picnic tables, located at the edge of the park Wielwijk. Each of those is unique and has a different use based on the type of the gathering/picnic. DubbelDubbelzitter is one of the conceptual tables, suitable for individuals, one or even two couples, offering them the space and comfort to enjoy. Time matters and future is valued in Studio Bas Sala's concept, so the design of the tables included the seasonal aspect. More specifically, one of the banks partially hangs over the water and when the weather allows it and the water gets frozen, you can put your skates on this. These five unique objects were designed in a such way as to add a value in the place itself and connect the district with the park.
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