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Pop-up bushalte

Pop-up bus stop

In collaboration with Floor van Ditzhuyzen (De Ontwerpwerkplaats) and Sander van der Ham (Stipo), Studio Bas Sala won the competition of Slim-OV idea of 2013. The PUB is a temporary bus stop that is placed at detours and festivals. It is a striking object in the public space, similar to a billboard, offering the possibility to spread information about the traffic movement or to respond to a prominent festival or event.


Based on upcoming activities, attractions etc., there are sometimes bus stops which are temporarily moved, and so far consist of a regular stop pole and a platform; a sin! The regular stops in Rotterdam can now have a high-quality design and appearance. The Pop-Up Bushalte might not completely stop the annoyance that traffic congestion always causes but it can certainly soften the pain, providing additional information about the reason of the congestion and the estimated duration.


When organizing a festival, there comes the option to promote that or the upcoming bands etc. The bus stop will be flexible in terms of installment and transportation. Advertising through the 'PUB' can significantly limit the costs, as it is indeed an advertising object (similar to guerrilla advertising tactics, like the Flash Mob).


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